Kuang He

Associate, Sofinnova Crossover Strategy

Kuang joined us in December 2019 as an Analyst for the Crossover Strategy. She started her career at Procter & Gamble (Beauty & Grooming) as a summer intern, where she witnessed how science-driven innovations benefited millions of people for the first time.

Driven by her deep curiosity and a desire to make a positive impact on the world, she continued to broaden her knowledge base and skillset. At ExxonMobil, Kuang conducted an industrial postdoc on novel preventative approaches against microbe-mediated pipeline corrosion, for which she received a Research Breakthrough Award.

Later, at the University of Michigan, she developed early cancer diagnostic tools using wearable device-based, non-invasive biomarkers and was a recipient of the NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award.

Kuang is a Reviewer at 81cents, an organization that helps close gender pay gaps.

She received a B.S. from Peking University and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Indiana University - Bloomington.

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