Tom Burt

    Partner, Sofinnova Partners Crossover Strategy

    Tom joined the Sofinnova Crossover Fund team in June 2017 from Peel Hunt, where he was senior research analyst for healthcare & life sciences.

    He has 11 years of diverse investing expertise, with over $1.5 billion in total completed transactions.

    Tom, with an EngD in biochemical engineering and experience working on the manufacture of vaccines at GlaxoSmithKline, brings an engineer’s mindset to the world of venture capital.

    He put science in the foreground when he explained the financing gap that led to the Sofinnova Crossover investment strategy. "The science in Europe is the same quality as any you'll find in the U.S.," he said. "But there is a shortage of capital in the late-stage venture arena, which is eventually reflected in prices. So, the European companies have the same excellence in scientific innovations, at a more attractive price" than those in the U.S.

    Tom worked for several years with Jacques Theurillat at Ares Life Sciences. Prior to that, he was at Novo Growth Equity, a Danish fund focused on late-stage investments in both public and private life science companies and a member of Piper Jaffray’s European healthcare investment banking team.

    He holds Doctorate and Master’s degrees in biochemical engineering (University College London and University of Birmingham) and an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology. Tom is a chartered member of Association of Engineering Doctorates.

    "The science in Europe is the same quality as any you'll find in the U.S."



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