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Expertisewith apioneeringspirit

We believe in the power and potential of scientific discovery. We believe in the collective force of humanity.

Above all, we believe in the possibilities that can be unlocked when science and people are brought together through sound investment strategies.

Bold reinvention has shaped our reputation since 1972. Our pioneering spirit has matured, honed by time and collective intelligence.


Because there is nothing more valuable than life itself, we pour all of our passion and drive into bringing new products to the patients who need them. Scientific progress in healthcare is moving at the fastest pace in history, and we have an uncommon ability to cut through complexity and spot advances with the potential to become groundbreaking treatments.


Now, more than ever, consumers care about the environmental issues industrial biotech start-ups are trying to solve. Companies and brands are getting on board, too. Sofinnova Partners is leading the way in Europe for investors who wish to have a deep impact in the effort to solve the world's most pressing problems.

Diversity and responsibility

As a leader in our sector, we shoulder the responsibility to act ethically and morally, abiding by the highest standards of social and environmental stewardship. Each of our 70 portfolio companies addresses real world problems and seeks to improve the quality of patients' lives or the environment. We believe that sustainable growth can be achieved in parallel with attractive financial returns.

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“I've wanted to be in biotech since I was 16 years old. It was the early days, when Amgen and Genentech were first in the news, and it just sounded cool to me.”

"For the companies we invest in, we spend months looking at clinical programs, intellectual property, manufacturing, management, the board, every detail. Absolutely, the Sofinnova Partners network helps with all of this."

"If you treat patients, you save lives, ultimately this is going to be good for investors. We believe that by backing companies, whether early stage or later stage, that bring a product to patients ultimately this translates into financial return."

“Founders need to have force, to be able to move mountains and stay resilient when things are not easy. Creativity and charisma are important, of course, but resilience is a very key feature.”

“My day-to-day is operational and hands-on, focused on building products and creating value for patients and clinicians with breakthrough innovations.”

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