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Leading by example

Sofinnova Partners’ environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) strategy is based on constant self-review. We apply our pioneering mindset to finding new ways to drive ESG initiatives. Leading by example, we help our portfolio companies by providing insights and feedback and identifying areas for improvement — along with realistic, measurable actions.

"An active, evolving, innovative approach to ESG is a new way of creating value in a company, and if you are not doing it, clearly, you will be missing out. Investors, investees and acquirers will expect it."

"We could easily live without an Uber. It's not going to change our lives if we just have to flag a taxi. But tomorrow if we run out of food, that's a big problem. If we destroy the environment, that's a big problem."

"If you treat patients, you save lives, ultimately this is going to be good for investors. We believe that by backing companies, whether early stage or later stage, that bring a product to patients ultimately this translates into financial return."

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