Bertrand Echalard

Management Company Accounting, Sofinnova Partners

Bertrand joined us in 2018. Before becoming a general accountant with Sofinnova Partners, he was a tax expert and advisor with the real estate start-up ELM Conseil. Prior to that, he spent seven years as an accountant at the Shangri-La Paris hotel, responsible for ongoing expenses and revenues.

Bertrand has an eye for details and a deliberate devotion to accuracy. When going about his daily routine, he says he often recalls advice from one of his favorite teachers: “Always keep in mind that you must be rational, and logical, when you make a decision.”

He practices yoga to strengthen both mind and body. “Doing better asanas in my weekly practice reinforces my perseverance and my tenacity,” he says. Music “is a source of inspiration and a means of artistic freedom” for Bertrand.

One of Bertrand’s favorite quotes comes from the writer and philosopher Suzy Kassem: “You are not just for the right or left, but for what is right over the wrong.”

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