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Daniel Sieiro

Associate, Sofinnova Partners - Capital Strategy

Daniel joined us in 2023 as an associate with the Capital Strategy. Prior to joining Sofinnova Partners, Daniel was principal at Plexus Ventures, a US-based global business development consultancy focused on leading healthcare transactions ranging from early biotechs to big pharma. During his tenure, he created and led a team focused on partnering assets in heavily scientific and innovative areas, such as gene and cell therapy, and precision oncology.

Prior to working in the industry, Daniel was an academic researcher. Most recently he was appointed as a Human Frontier Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. There, he led research projects on evolutionary developmental biology, as well as translational work on musculoskeletal disease. This work was also supported by the French organization AFM-Téléthon.

Daniel holds a BSc (Honours) in genetics and zoology from Monash University and a PhD in genetics from the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute in Melbourne, Australia. His original research has been published in journals such as eLife, Nature Communications, PNAS and Development, among others.

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