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Mariam Cherifi

Associate, Sofinnova Partners - Industrial Biotech Strategy

Mariam is an Associate with the Sofinnova Industrial Biotech Strategy. Before she joined us in 2023, she worked with Hive Energy as an Investment Manager.

Mariam's experience in venture capital includes leading investments in circular economy biotech companies and working closely with start-ups in biogas, agriculture and biofermentation.

She also has taken on minor roles in developing green hydrogen and green concrete projects and assisting in the raising of private equity for a biogas facility.

 "What motivates me the most is finding that crucial place where necessity and impact meet," Mariam says.

Mariam has a Masters in chemistry from the University of Manchester, where she created computational models of the absorption, desorption, and relative selectivity of various gases in ionic liquids for the purpose of carbon capture.

During her studies she had the opportunity to work at Lubrizol, synthesizing polymeric hyperdispersant additives for pigments. Shortly after obtaining her degree, she worked as a management consultant with Steer.


Industrial Biotech

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