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Pamela Putz

Events and Community Manager, Sofinnova Partners

In her role as the Events and Community Manager at Sofinnova Partners, Pam Putz ensures the seamless execution of all our events and community activities.

Pam joined Sofinnova in 2022 after two decades at EBD Group, a leader in life science partnering events. She held diverse roles at EBD, a subsidiary of Informa, and played a pivotal role in overseeing and expanding flagship events such as the BIO-Europe event series and BioEquity Europe.

In her most recent role at EBD Group, Pam was responsible for cultivating and nurturing client and partner relationships as well as financial planning, business development, and strategic leadership. During the pandemic she transformed face-to-face events into new, viable digital products that drove value and financial return.

“I had been working on the fringes of the life science ecosystem for over two decades,” Pam said, “by joining Sofinnova I dived straight into a powerhouse where innovation gets funded and ultimately cures are created. Working among the innovators and entrepreneurs who drive these critical advancements every day is a great inspiration.”

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