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    5 Sofinnova Partners portfolio companies selected to French Tech 120

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    DNA Script

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    Mnemo Therapeutics

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    Sofinnova Partners congratulates its five portfolio companies that have been selected to the French Tech 120 program for the country's most promising start-ups:

    CorWave, which develops innovative, implantable blood pumps inspired by nature.

    DNA Script, which also made the Next 40, creates technology that has the potential to revolutionize life sciences research. Its Syntax system is the first bench-top DNA printer powered by Enzymatic DNA Synthesis.

    Inotrem is a biotechnology company specialized in immunotherapy for acute and chronic inflammatory syndromes.

    Mnemo Therapeutics is developing the EnfiniT platform, an integrated drug discovery engine that leverages a range of technologies in an effort to improve the body’s ability to identify, fight and overcome disease.

    Tissium is a medtech company developing biomorphic programmable polymers for tissue reconstruction.

    Since it was launched in 2019 by the French government, the French Tech 120 program selects start-ups using objective criteria based on fundraising and turnover. The companies have to have been established within the past 15 years and not gone public or been purchased. Within the French Tech 120, the Next 40 comprises the 40 most promising companies that have raised at least €100 million over the last 3 years or been valued at $1 billion or more.

    The FrenchTech 120 and Next40 are not just rankings. They form a support system, with "a few members of the French Tech mission acting as startup managers," Clara Chappaz, director of La French Tech, pointed out. The companies get support to "facilitate interactions with public administrations on all sorts of issues,” she added.

    The companies also become part of a community in which they can share experiences and advice.

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