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    Meiogenix has developed an innovative approach to common problems in agriculture, addressing key global food and industrial challenges. The company is applying gene and chromosome editing technologies to accelerate nature's generation of biodiversity through the mixing of parental genomes during plant reproduction. This helps expedite the lengthy process of plant varieties selection and also leads to increased biodiversity, lost during the systematic selection of crops for high yield and long shelf life. The ability to restore a plant's immunity to pests and diseases, and improve quality, taste and flavor in many crops also has the potential to revolutionize the AgriFood Tech sector. Key benefits of the platform include more access to natural food products for customers and less chemicals required in growing food.


    The Sofinnova Capital Strategy acts as a founding and lead investor in early-stage biopharma and medtech start-ups focusing on groundbreaking therapeutic technologies.

    SofinnovaMD Start

    The MD Start Strategy is Sofinnova’s in-house medtech accelerator. The team’s hands-on entrepreneurial expertise contributes to the platform's global leadership in company building.


    The Sofinnova Crossover Strategy supports ground-breaking innovations in later-stage biotech and medtech companies, enabling ambitious life sciences companies to reach their full potential.

    SofinnovaIndustrial Biotech

    Our Industrial Biotech Strategy seeks early-stage investments that will have a positive impact on sustainability in the chemicals, agriculture, food and materials sectors.


    The Sofinnova Telethon Strategy seeks early-stage projects to bring the best Italian science to the world stage.

    SofinnovaDigital Medicine

    The Sofinnova Digital Medicine Strategy backs early-stage startups at the intersection of biology, data and computation.


    The Sofinnova Biovelocita Strategy is dedicated entirely to the creation and acceleration of European biotech startups, in partnership with leading research organizations.