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Sustainability + Impact

For more than a decade, Sofinnova Partners has been investing in companies that apply biotechnology to develop sustainable solutions in agriculture, food, chemicals and materials.

We're an environmental impact strategy, with a focus on early-stage investments, helping entrepreneurs build teams and knowledge networks. We find the right financial and industrial partners so that companies we invest in have multiple options.

2012Sofinnova Green Seed Fund€22.5 million
2017Sofinnova IB I€125 million
2021Sofinnova IB II€175 million
  • Close: 2012

    Fund: Sofinnova Green Seed Fund

    AMT: €22.5 million

  • Close: 2017

    Fund: Sofinnova IB I

    AMT: €125 million

  • Close: 2021

    Fund: Sofinnova IB II

    AMT: €175 million

  • Feature
    Sofinnova Industrial Biotech
    2023 Impact Report: A hands-on investment strategy driving positive change for the planet

    Read all about how the entrepreneurs we support are working to make industry and agriculture more sustainable

"We could easily live without an Uber. It's not going to change our lives if we just have to flag a taxi. But tomorrow if we run out of food, that's a big problem. If we destroy the environment, that's a big problem."

“Founders need to have force, to be able to move mountains and stay resilient when things are not easy. Creativity and charisma are important, of course, but resilience is a very key feature.”

"If you want to find a deeptech investor, able to make some impact and help you make progress in industrial biotech Sofinnova is it."

"We are on a mission to find deeptech solutions with strong environmental impact that can truly change the world for the better."


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