Our flagship strategy

    We invest in the most promising biopharmaceutical and medical device start-ups that address pressing unmet clinical needs and aim to transform patients’ lives.

    Capital X, the 10th iteration of our flagship fund, is the largest healthcare fund dedicated to early-stage investments and company creation in Europe.

    2008Sofinnova Capital VI€260 million
    2012Sofinnova Capital VII€240 million
    2015Sofinnova Capital VIII€300 million
    2018Sofinnova Capital IX€333 million
    2021Sofinnova Capital X€472 million
    • Close: 2008

      Fund: Sofinnova Capital VI

      AMT: €260 million

    • Close: 2012

      Fund: Sofinnova Capital VII

      AMT: €240 million

    • Close: 2015

      Fund: Sofinnova Capital VIII

      AMT: €300 million

    • Close: 2018

      Fund: Sofinnova Capital IX

      AMT: €333 million

    • Close: 2021

      Fund: Sofinnova Capital X

      AMT: €472 million

    “I've wanted to be in biotech since I was 16 years old. It was the early days, when Amgen and Genentech were first in the news, and it just sounded cool to me.”

    “I joined Sofinnova Partners because first of all, they have a fantastic brand in Europe, but it's easy to see it is a very strong partnership. They're loyal to each other and everyone knows they treat entrepreneurs well.”


    Fund iteration
    Deal lead

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