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Muna Therapeutics

Muna is the combination of two innovative European start-up companies. Muna was founded in 2020 by progranulin pathway thought leaders Professor Simon Glerup and his team from Aarhus University, Denmark, with investor Novo Holdings. Muna developed a strategic partnership on additional targets with Axxam SpA, based in Milan, Italy, which became a minority shareholder. Muna is part of Novo Seeds’ company creation efforts, where the Novo team and its entrepreneurs-in-residence help build new biotech companies based on groundbreaking new science.

Muna joined forces with K5 Therapeutics, co-founded in 2020 by Professor Bart De Strooper from VIB-KU Leuven, Belgium, a pioneer in neurodegenerative diseases research, with investors Droia Ventures and VIB. The combined company - Muna Therapeutics - will be based in Copenhagen and Leuven and is led by seasoned pharma executives CEO Rita Balice-Gordon and COO Anders Hinsby, both entrepreneurs-in-residence of Novo Seeds.

Neurodegenerative diseases affect millions of individuals, with increasing global impact as the population ages. Palliative treatments are scarce, and no curative therapies are currently available. Muna is focused on addressing the staggering unmet need experienced by patients around the world with neurodegenerative disorders.


The Sofinnova Capital Strategy acts as a founding and lead investor in early-stage biopharma and medtech start-ups focusing on groundbreaking therapeutic technologies.

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The MD Start Strategy is Sofinnova’s in-house medtech accelerator. The team’s hands-on entrepreneurial expertise contributes to the platform's global leadership in company building.


The Sofinnova Crossover Strategy supports ground-breaking innovations in later-stage biotech and medtech companies, enabling ambitious life sciences companies to reach their full potential.

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Our Industrial Biotech Strategy seeks early-stage investments that will have a positive impact on sustainability in the chemicals, agriculture, food and materials sectors.


The Sofinnova Telethon Strategy seeks early-stage projects to bring the best Italian science to the world stage.

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The Sofinnova Digital Medicine Strategy backs early-stage startups at the intersection of biology, data and computation.


The Sofinnova Biovelocita Strategy is dedicated entirely to the creation and acceleration of European biotech startups, in partnership with leading research organizations.

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